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  • Passion

    We believe in growth for all. We offer live workshops, events, mentoring and resources to help every person create lasting change.

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  • Citilabs

    Case Study: When this global software company realized it needed a stronger identity in order to capture increased market share, it turned to Onyx for strategic business planning, brand refinement, and interactive development.

    Citilabs Case Study
  • NY Kids Club

    Case Study. Faced with a cluttered, congested website, NY Kids Club enlisted Onyx to streamline and modernize its interactive marketing presence to reflect the elite service it provides.

    NY Kids Club Case Study
  • Barineau

    Case Study. This family business knew it needed to think outside the box in order to gain market share and secure a lasting legacy. It turned to Onyx to
    strategically develop a
    brand that now dominates
    the industry.

    Barineau Case Study
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This is the place where business development and creativity collide,
striking a whole new level of growth.

Exploring businesses
from the inside out:

Elevator Pitch Onyx is a creative consulting studio focused on business development. We understand that growth doesn't happen automatically. We start by assessing the key fundamentals that make your business unique, then devise a plan of action to set you apart from your competition.

Your business is a finely woven mixture of parallel parts. That is why you are looking for a partner that will provide a fresh and accurate assessment of your strengths and opportunities; then lead you through the strategic decisions that produce growth. Onyx combines business development with creative solutions to improve brands, cultures, services, products, environments, technology, efficiencies, operations and sales.

With Onyx, it's about implanting change at every level of an organization with purpose. On purpose. If you have the guts to take this important step forward in your evolution, we congratulate you. The sooner we critically analyze your fundamentals, the sooner we can begin to strengthen your position in the race for business.

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